Dealer Testimonial7

PhantomPlate, You know you have a good product when you have people coming up to you at a trade show who were dead set against your product one week, then the next week, they come in and buy a can. As I say, it only takes one ticket to change your mind. PhotoBlockeris an awesome product. […]

Dealer Testimonial6

Hey Guys, I just wanted to let you know how well the news stories on this product have really gotten the word out. People come up to me at the flea market and they say “Hey man it’s that stuff I have seen on TV, you know the spray that keeps you from getting a […]

Dealer Testimonial5

Hello, On February 14, 2004 my wife accidentally went thru the light at Yellow Brick Rd in Baltimore County during the day. About 10 days later we received a ticket in the mail for $75. The ticket had pictures showing my wife’s car going thru the intersection. We felt, well, they got us, so we […]

Dealer Testimonial4

Hi Phantoms, I am writing this email to you to tell you how well PhotoBlockerworks. I drive into Washington DC everyday from up north, and in my travels I had been tagged by the red light cameras on New York Ave several times. The yellow lights on the signals are awfully short. Well, I got […]

Dealer Testimonial3

Ericka, I had a very successful weekend selling PhotoBlocker. I sold over $9630.00 in PhotoBlockers in one day. It was amazing. We had our booth plastered with huge posters and banners. We even had a mock-up red light camera that was flashing visitors as they strolled past our booth. The flash could be seen from anywhere on the […]

Dealer Testiomonial2

Dear Ericka, I Iove it when people walk up to me at the flea market and ask “Does that stuff really work, and if I buy it will you GUARANTEE I won’t get a ticket”. I just politely state “I’ll GUARANTEE you’ll get a ticket if you put NOTHING on your plate to protect it”. They then laugh, […]

Dealer Testimonial

Hi PhantomPlate, I am so glad that I became a PhotoBlocker dealer for South Africa. I never thought I could turn a $1000.00 investment into $45,000.00. It all happened rather quickly and it was very exciting. I was interviewed on our national radio stations last night – Cape Talk Radio and Radio 702 – and was […]