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  1. Sign up online
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I was also amazed by the conversion rate of 24%. That is 24% of the people that clicked on the email purchased.Your affiliate program kicks ass because YOUR PRODUCT WORKS and SELLS ITSELF. I am astounded that I have generated $49,000 in sales in only six months just by sending emails!
Dave Perkins
Having relationships with several affiliate programs across various consumer markets, PhantomPlate has not only been one of my most consistent performers but one of my best performers as well. Not only do they pay for the sale, they pay for the click-thru. I would definitely recommend this program.
With the speed at which red-light cameras have become commonplace in cities across Canada, Brian Pubrat, marketing director of Plate, has taken a simple approach to marketing the PhantomPlate line of products. As a dealer and affiliate, Brian designed a website using many of the images and information available…
Amazing sales conversion from Photoblocker”, said Mark Brosh, a top affiliate for Phantom Plate. Photoblocker is one of the top performing products amongst the products we promote on our website, In one month alone, the product generated over $4,000 in sales with a conversion of 146%. That…
Mark Brosh
We are ecstatic in generating more than $7,000 in affiliate sales. The generous 20% commission that phantom plate pays allows us to generate more income. We sell so many safety and security products on our website and photoblocker is one of the best. The way PhantomPlate promotes this product on…
Thanks for the unique affiliate program. When we first signed up, we weren’t sure how well we would do, but we are pleasantly surprised how well your program converts!
Being a dealer for Phantomplate has been all that I thought it would be. Consistent sales, Great returns, and Great products. And with your affiliate program are you even making money from sales overseas from people who visit my website? Keep it up Phantomplate

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Sign up to PhantomPlate Affiliate program using the link: Fill out the form and click on sign up now.

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Go to Affiliate page and login using your user name and password.

Step 3

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