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Our products are designed to provide law abiding motorist protection from faulty red light/speed cameras ONLY. We do not condone running red lights or speeding. They are dangerous and illegal activities.  


Q. What types of Cameras do PhotoBlocker Spray, PhotoShield and the Reflector Defeat?A. Our products are designed to protect you from unjust tickets issued by most types of red light, speed and photo radar cameras. 

Q. Is this product legal?A. laws are constantly changing and as such it will depends on where you live . Some jurisdictions only require that your tag be legible to the naked eye. We recommend that you check your local laws before using or purchasing our products.

Note: Our products are designed to provide law abiding motorist protection from faulty red light/speed cameras ONLY. We do not condone running red lights or speeding. They are dangerous and illegal activities.

Q. Does the product really work?A. Well, how should we answer that? To date we have conclusive tests conducted by Denver Department, Dutch , Swedish TV, Australian TV, British TV and thousands of satisfied customers in six continents. Our products have been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC News, Tech TV, Norwegian TV, Dutch TV, Washington Times, UK’s Daily Mail and many, many more.

Q. How many plates can I do with one can of PhotoBlocker Spray can?A. One spray will cover 3-4 us/Canadian size plates and 2-3 European size number plates.

Q. How many coats should I apply?A. The thicker the coating the better the result. At a minimum 3-4 coats.

Q. How do I become a dealer, agent or affiliate? Will I be successful?A. To become a dealer please visit our dealer page. (Click Here). Success and satisfaction with our dealer program is guaranteed if you follow and execute our sales strategies. We have set up successful dealers all over the world in the past two years. Just ask yourself two questions. Would you buy this product? And do you know ten people who could use this product? If you know of anyone that has received a photo-radar ticket, then you have a potential customer right under your nose. ROI (return on investment) of up to 500% is achievable.

Q. What is the difference between the 3 Products you sell?A. We sell 2 covers and 1 Spray.

  • PhotoBlocker™ Spray – A can of aerosol that is sprayed on to your license plate. Our special formula high gloss formula, with clear finish, is designed to protect you from unjust tickets issued by cameras that use flash. It causes no distortion and is undetectable to the naked eye from any distance. The majority use flash at some point when taking pictures. It’s great for areas where you can not use license plate covers. Every time it works it will save you hundreds of dollars in fines. NOTE: For maximum protection use the PhotoBlocker™ Spray in conjunction with PhotoShield™ Cover. The Spray will protect you from the cameras that use flash and the PhotoShield cover will do so from the cameras that do not use flash.
  • PhotoShield™ Cover – A clear special formula license plate cover, incorporating a thin strip of lens on the inside. It looks just like a regular cover that you find in an automotive accessory shop. However, when a photo-radar camera mounted on the side of the road takes a picture of your tag WITH OR WITHOUT flash, 2 or 3 characters will be blurred due to the refraction caused by the lens. The resulting image is illegible. If one character is unreadable the ticket is technically unusable and discarded.
  • Reflector™ Cover – Works on the same principle as PhotoBlocker spray except it is in the form of a cover. It is made of a clear plastic cover coated with light reflecting crystals. These light reflecting crystals do not cause distortion. Your license plate will be legible form any angle. The crystals act as miniature mirrors helping to reflect a photo-radar camera’s flash. The resulting image is over-exposed and rendered unreadable. Great for customers who do not want to spray their plates. Warning: The manufacturer and retailer assume no responsibility for any use or application of this product in violation of any applicable law. Before installing this product, please check your state and local laws and regulations.

Q. Is there an advantage to using the Reflector and the PhotoBlocker spray together? Will using the reflector diminish the effectiveness of the Photoblocker spray?A. We do recommend the use of PhotoBlocker Spray with the Reflector cover. First, by having the Reflector cover over the PhotoBlocker Spray you are actually doubling the reflective surface of your license. The more light reflected back to the camera the better your chances of overexposing the picture. Secondly the Reflector cover will also protect the PhotoBlocker Spray finish on your plate from debris and U.V rays.

Q. How long will my order take to arrive?A. All orders shipped to US/Canadian addresses take 5-7 Days. Orders with European address will take 2-3 weeks. Australian orders will take 2-4 weeks.

Q. Can I purchase PhotoBlocker in my country?A. Yes, most countries have local Dealers/Distributors. Please check the “dealer” page. If there are no dealers listed for your country you may place your order with us. Additional shipping fees may apply.

Q. Can I send a check or money order?A. Yes you may. (Only US/Canadian customers)

Q. How much should my check be for?A. The best way to find out how much to send is to go through the online buying process and select your products. Then go a few more steps and stop when the web page asks you for your credit card information. On that page you will see your total cost with shipping. You can either print the page or write down the content of your selected products and mail it to us with a check/money order. Send it payable to:
PhantomPlate Inc.
P.O. Box 61212
Harrisburg, PA 17106
(Please include a brief note with your name and shipping address.)
If you have any problems call us at tel:(800) 359 2562

Q. Can I order C.O.D.?A. No we don’t have a facility with our couriers to exchange money or checks for your order. We prefer checks or postal money orders be sent to our address before delivery.

Q. How do I apply Photoblocker to my number plate? Are there any special instructionsA. Because the application of Photoblocker is important to the effectiveness of the product, we have taken the step to include instruction sheets with every order. The instructions are detailed and will help you achieve the desired result.

For more information about unjust tickets, please visit

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Media Reviews

  • “It will transform your plate” Fox 5
  • “Surprisingly effective” Denver Department
  • “The coating reflects flash” Bakersfield
  • “Gives you a fighting chance against faulty red light & speed cameras” NBC
  • “The reflection blinded our camera” CBS
  • “It passed our test” KARE11

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"If they can't read your tag, You don't get a ticket."
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