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KXAN: Austin, TX

“It blinded our cameras!”


“It works! You can beat Big Brother!”

Fox 31 : Denver, CO

“Surprisingly Effective!”

CBS Early Morning Show

“will hide your license plates”

Australian TV

” tested Photo Blocker”
"If it will save me one ticket, it's paid for itself."
Jacky Casteel, (WATE) Knoxville, Channel 6

Newspapers & Written Articles

The Plate Escape: Spray-on  blurs tix pix Download: The New...
Spray may fool city’s candid camera Wednesday, January 18, 2006...
Ontario signals need sync By Scott Vanhorne, Staff Writer Why...
Camera Company Gets Cut From Red Light Fees By MATTHEW...
Safety of -light cameras questioned By Jonathan Miller On a...
Fuzzing up the picture A license-plate spray thwarts cameras set...
Obscuring license plates adds up to fines By Matthew Cella...
Smile: You’re on Photo Radar Camera All Press Releases for...

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Media Reviews

  • “It will transform your plate” Fox 5
  • “Surprisingly effective” Denver Department
  • “The coating reflects flash” Bakersfield
  • “Gives you a fighting chance against faulty red light & speed cameras” NBC
  • “The reflection blinded our camera” CBS
  • “It passed our test” KARE11

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