Avoid Red Light and Speed Camera Tickets

Make your car invisible

"PhotoBlocker will hide your license plate from red light cameras" — CBS News

Avoid Red Light and
Speed Camera Tickets

Make your car invisible

"PhotoBlocker will hide your license plate from red light cameras" — CBS News

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What is PhotoBlocker™️ Spray?
How does it work?

A majority of red light & speed cameras utilize strong flash to photograph the license plate on your car. Once sprayed on your license plate, PhotoBlocker’s special formula produces a high-powered gloss that reflects the flash back towards the camera. This overexposes the image of your license plate, rendering the picture unreadable. With PhotoBlocker, your license plate is invisible to cameras yet completely legible to the naked eye.
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"If it will save me one ticket, it's paid for itself."
Jacky Casteel, (WATE) Knoxville, Channel 6

Must Watch Media Reviews! Proven to work

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Media Reviews

  • “It will transform your plate” Fox 5
  • “Surprisingly effective” Denver Department
  • “The coating reflects flash” Bakersfield
  • “Gives you a fighting chance against faulty red light & speed cameras” NBC
  • “The reflection blinded our camera” CBS
  • “It passed our test” KARE11

Still not convinced? Click here to watch more videos, news reports & test results.

PhotoShield™ License Plate Cover
Worlds best selling anti-camera cover

PhotoShield™ cover is the world’s best selling anti camera cover. It was so effective it was featured in the hit show CSI Miami. Guaranteed to work against all red light and speed cameras. Proven to work by several media and test. It has protected thousands of driver over the years helping them save million in unjust fines.

How it works: PhotoShield™ is a clear plastic license plate cover that incorporates a thin diffusion lens designed to make your license plate unreadable and distorted to cameras when viewed at an angle. Unreadable tag = No ticket. However when your license plate is viewed from directly behind it is clear and legible.
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"If they can't read your tag, You don't get a ticket."
Tech TV

Reflector™ Cover 🇺🇸 🇨🇦 Clear and inconspicuous. Cops can't tell you have it on.

The Reflector™ helps prevent costly tickets. Made of a high quality clear plastic cover that is coated with light reflecting crystals. The Reflector™ overexposes photo radar and red light camera pictures by reflecting flash back to the camera blinding it.

How does the Reflector™ Cover work? The light reflecting particles imbedded in the Reflector cover act as miniature mirrors helping to reflect the power full flash from a red light or speed camera.The result is an over-exposed and unreadable picture that prevents a costly ticket.
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Got a ticket already?
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Red light camera tickets
issued to law abiding citizens.

Red-light cameras are about revenue, not safety!
It’s private companies profiting from law-enforcement.

Faulty red light camera goes crazy. Tickets everyone.

Red-light cameras have caused many rear-end accidents!
cameras are notorious for making mistakes.