On February 14, 2004 my wife accidentally went thru the light at Yellow Brick Rd in Baltimore County during the day. About 10 days later we received a ticket in the mail for $75. The ticket had pictures showing my wife’s car going thru the intersection. We felt, well, they got us, so we just paid the ticket. But there was this certain anger you feel about receiving one of those tickets. You know it’s not right to go thru a red-light, but it isn’t like we woke up in the morning and said “Gee, I think I’ll just go thru some red lights today”. We knew it was wrong, but we also didn’t like the fact that these sneaky cameras were out there watching us in the name of public safety. We ourselves felt violated, but what were we gonna do, this was just another way for the Government to reach into your pockets and take your hard earned cash.

Then one day while getting a Pizza in the local parlor, I opened a newspaper (CityPaper) and saw an ad for PhotoBlocker. I took the paper home with me, went on the internet and bought a can. I did have some reservations about the product and its effectiveness, but I figured what the heck. So I decided to spray it on my cars tag and test it out myself. I then waited till 12 O’clock midnight and drove up to the intersection where my wife had got her ticket. I waited for the light to change red, waited till it was safe, and proceeded thru the light. The camera flashed behind me and took my photo. I had seen it clear as day in my rearview mirror. I waited, and waited and waited, and never got the ticket. At that point, I knew I had a winner. I then became a dealer, and believe so much in this product. Being a former officer, I know how important safety is, but believe me, these cameras have NOTHING to do with safety. It’s all about the mighty dollar. Good law abiding citizens obey the law for the most part while driving. All these cameras do are take pictures of the average Joe making a mistake, and once the Govt. knows they can fine people for making a mistake, they will capitalize on it, and they are. Thank God for photoblocker to protect us from the bureaucrats.

Thanks PhotoBlocker.