BUY 1 – PhotoBlocker Spray (Free AUSTRALIAN Shipping + VAT Included). Price in USD. Proven To Work. & Media Tested. Worlds Best Selling Spray Since 2005

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Buy 1 PhotoBlocker Spray. A proven defense against photo radar, red light and speed cameras. No More Ticket! Tested by Denver department and FOX NEWS. “Surprisingly Effective” Fox News.

Elevate your driving experience with PhantomPlate’s Photoblocker Spray, your go-to solution for evading photo tickets. Our cutting-edge formula, when applied to license plates, reflects camera flashes, rendering your vehicle virtually invisible to enforcement cameras. Say goodbye to unwanted citations and hello to peace of mind on the road.

When you purchase one Photoblocker Spray, you not only secure your driving freedom but also enjoy additional perks. We cover shipping costs, handle VAT payments, and ensure a seamless transaction, so there’s no VAT burden on your end. The transparent pricing in USD eliminates any currency conversion hassles, making your purchase straightforward.

At PhantomPlate, we believe in rewarding our customers. Take advantage of exclusive discounts that apply to your order, providing even greater value for this innovative product. Guard your privacy and maintain control over your driving record with Photoblocker Spray – the reliable, affordable, and effective solution for staying ticket-free. Order now to experience the confidence that comes with outsmarting cameras and safeguarding your driving privileges.

Photoblocker Spray from PhantomPlate isn’t just a product; it’s a smart investment in your driving safety. Engineered to be both effective and user-friendly, our spray provides a protective shield against the prying eyes of cameras. The non-permanent nature of the spray ensures easy application and removal, allowing you to decide when and where to employ its powerful defense.

Worried about the legalities? Rest assured, Photoblocker Spray is fully compliant with the law, offering a discreet solution without violating any regulations. It’s a legal and ethical way to protect yourself from costly tickets. As technology advances, so does the need for innovative solutions, and Photoblocker Spray is at the forefront, giving you the upper hand in today’s surveillance-heavy landscape.

What sets us apart is our commitment to customer satisfaction. We handle the nitty-gritty details—covering shipping costs, managing VAT payments—so you can focus on enjoying the benefits of our product. The pricing in USD eliminates any ambiguity, and with discounts applied, you’re not just getting a product; you’re getting a deal.

In a world where every drive can be documented, Photoblocker Spray is your reliable ally, offering freedom, peace of mind, and a cost-effective solution to keep your driving record pristine. Embrace the road with confidence—order your Photoblocker Spray today and experience the difference it makes in your driving experience.


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