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CUSTOMER Testimonials

I encourage everyone to use PhotoBlocker Spray and products like it. I have personal experience that faulty cameras can issue uncalled for tickets. I’ll be happy when the red-light cameras disappear permanently from every intersection in North Carolina.

DEALER Testimonials

In just over two months, has quickly become one of the super affiliates in the program. During this time, the website has generated over $9,000 in sales. “This is just a scratch on the surface,” says Brian who Also notes, “that, as more Canadian cities move towards implementing speed and red-light cameras the popularity of the Photoblocker spray will only increase.” …

Affiliate Testimonials

“Hi PhantomPlate,
I am so glad that I became a PhotoBlocker dealer for South Africa. I never thought I could turn a $1000.00 investment into $45,000.00. It all happened rather quickly and it was very exciting. I was interviewed on our national radio stations last night – Cape Talk Radio and Radio 702 – and was meant to be on for only 15 minutes. After 2 hours they had to eventually shut us down as it was midnight and the next show needed to start – but people just wouldn’t stop phoning in. You would have loved to hear the callers – they just didn’t stop. And we even had someone phoning in all the way from Brazil – and he says they desperately need it there …”

"If it will save me one ticket, it's paid for itself."
Jacky Casteel, (WATE) Knoxville, Channel 6