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Camera-beaters illegal

Monday, January 6th, 2003

Here’s a sample of devices to thwart photo enforcement. Be warned, though: Such contraptions are illegal in Manitoba. The penalty for obstructing a licence plate is $45.

  1. The Loover: It’s like a little vertical blind for your plates. It blocks the view so cameras cannot see the plate from an elevated position. However, driving behind someone have an unobstructed view from all sides of a vehicle. Cost: $19.99 US (plus $8.99 shipping). (
  2. Photo Blocker: A fast spray-on formula, it’s easily applied in minutes and aims to reflect photo-radar flash. It’s supposedly invisible to the naked eye and works best with a Photoshield. Cost: $29.99 US (16-ounce can).
  3. The Reflector: Made with “space-age technology,” it reflects photo-radar flash. It’s a “high-quality” plastic cover with light-reflecting silver coating. Cost: $19.99 US.

To see how it works, go to:

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