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Valley Drivers Have a New Reason to Smile forPhoto Radar Cameras

For Immediate Release
Media Contact:
Brent Ralston
(602) 524-7965

Scottsdale, ARIZ. ( May 1 , 2006) – Valley-based offers a “clear” solution to those pesky photo radar cameras popping up all over the Valley.

Clear, as in a clear spray called PhotoBlocker™, that when applied to your license plate is invisible to the naked eye yet renders your plate illegible to photo radar cameras by reflecting the flash. Each 6 oz. can costs $25.99, can cover up to four plates and will not wash off.

“We do not advocate breaking any traffic laws, however, with the massive proliferation of speed cameras, we believe it is only fair to help even the playing field,” said Brent Ralston, co-founder of

According to Ralston, “Cameras are used across the country disseminating costly tickets to people everyday that are not intending to break the law. We aim to protect those law-abiding drivers who may get through the intersection just a second too late or begin to make a turn, change their mind and back up. ”

The product is now locally available through, and has already been sold in 23 countries. Domestically, it has proven to be extremely popular with New York drivers where photo radar cameras are in ample supply. The spray has been featured by myriad media including NBC, ABC, techTV, CBS, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times and the New York Post. The Denver Police Department even conducted a field test and confirmed that the product does indeed work.

“Drivers from around the world are already using this product. I felt it was time that Arizona drivers have access to it as well,” said Brent Ralston. is a Valley-based company providing transportation-focused products, which are designed to reduce anxiety and tension related to photo camera efforts.

For more information and product availability contact or call 1-888-230-8442.