Thanks so much for having the Affiliate Program available! Six months ago I was on the road in Virginia (I’m from Maryland) and I met your sales manager Duvall. We got to talking and I asked him how I could add your product line to what I’m already doing. He called me the next morning with the “how to” information and the rest is history. And yes, I already knew about your product… Meeting Duval just made things happen. This stuff sells itself. I first started out sending a “did you know…” email to all the people on my email list (about 2000 names) I also asked them to forward the email to all the people on their list and so on and so on. A lot of people must have forwarded my emails because my click revenues just shot through the roof. I was also amazed by the conversion rate of 24%. That is, 24% of the people that clicked on the email purchased. 24% WOW! I have joined a lot of affiliate programs and the best I got was 3%. Your affiliate program kicks ass because YOUR PRODUCT WORKS and SELLS ITSELF. Period. No one likes to get a ticket. I am astounded that I have generated $49,000 in sales in only six months just by sending emails.