Turn your Smart Phone or GPS into a Speed Trap & Red Light Camera detector-LifeTime Subscription $99.99

Avoid traffic tickets 100% LEGAL way. Turn your Smart phone or GPS in to a speed trap & red light/speed camera detector. Download PhantomALERT’s app containing over 400,000 + enforcement locations for the whole US & Canada. PhantomALERT gives you audible and visual warnings as you drive, alerting you to approaching traffic enforcement zones in plenty of time to adjust to changing traffic conditions. It does the work for you – NO MORE SURPRISES. . Compatible with Garmin, TomTom, Magellan GPS and iPhone, Android and BlackBerry Smart Phones.



Hate traffic tickets? Then watch this YouTube video….

Drivers are using GPS and smart phone technology to warn each other of ticket traps like speed traps and red light cameras locations…

Amazingly Police don’t mind.

“we are not against them… part of the actual enforcement “DUI” is the campaign to tell people to stop driving while intoxicated … and we push out information that says where DUI check points will be and an application that tells you is the same thing we already do.” Virginia Police.

“Anything that helps people slow down… we are in favor of it,” Maryland Police

“Great idea … it slows drivers. It is a safety tool” Albuquerque Police

“I like PhantomALERT. It’s a great program.” VA Beach Police

“ PhantomALERT is completely legal.” Florida Police

Elevate your driving safety with PhantomPlate’s innovative product, turning your smartphone or GPS into a sophisticated speed trap and red light camera detector. Priced at just $99.99 for a lifetime subscription, this device offers a comprehensive solution for conscientious drivers. Download an extensive database of over 400,000 enforcement locations, covering points of interest in the US and Canada. With precise and timely alerts, you can navigate confidently, avoiding potential speed traps and red light cameras. Benefit from exclusive discounts and ensure a secure journey every time you hit the road. Invest in peace of mind with PhantomPlate, empowering your smart device to enhance your driving experience while keeping you informed and compliant with traffic regulations. Take control of your route, stay aware, and enjoy the convenience of a lifetime subscription at an unbeatable price. Buy Now to Turn your Smart Phone or GPS into a Speed Trap.



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