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Dealer Testimonial

Rhyl, North Wales, United Kingdom


Make 300% Profit.

Turn $500.00 in to $3,000.00

Contact Sales Manager:
Paul Johnson

Tel: 717.585.6966

WEST COAST STYLING & AUDIO of Rhyl North Wales are a new outlet who were looking to find new and original products to stock in their car accessory shop when they came upon Photoblocker.

After initial enquiries, the potential this product had to offer in terms of potential sales became readily apparent. With an increase in speed cameras throughout the UK and Ireland and an increase in drivers being issued fixed penalty tickets and points against their license West Coast Styling & Audio decided to became dealers.

“We ordered 100 cans initially but sold these within 2 weeks. Once word spread, sales increased to 300 cans by the end of the first month generating £6000 in income.

We expect this to continue simply because it’s a cost effective product that really works. Drivers all over the country are resentful of speed cameras but what’s interesting is that our shop is aimed at the young driver, yet because of Photoblockers appeal we are getting more mature drivers coming into the shop, which really surprised us”.

“Another spin off of selling Photoblocker is that it has brought in additional customers beyond our normal line of business selling high quality auto accessories”.

Thanks to Photoblocker our business has increased its customer base and generated a much welcomed extra turnover; it’s amazing”.



Make 300% Profit.

Turn $500.00 in to $3,000.00

Contact Sales Manager :
Paul Johnson

Tel: 717.585.6966


Photoblocker UK was formed in mid July 2004, when we discovered Photoblocker spray. We initially purchased just 100 cans of Photoblocker.

Soon after placing our first order we ordered 150 additional cans. By the time September arrived we had purchased over 4000 units. We identified the huge potential Photoblocker had in the UK so we negotiated exclusive UK and Ireland distribution rights with Phantomplate Inc., on 22nd September 2004. This deal authorized us to distribute and appoint new dealers throughout the UK and Ireland.

To succeed we needed to successfully market Photoblocker. Our first campaign started with a roadside ad that gained national media exposure. It wasn’t long before we started to appear on BBC television, Sky television and Irish television RTE1.

Photoblocker soon became a household name and we have now sold over 20,000 units. Our current marketing continues with appearances at the UK's largest indoor trade show the Ideal Home Show ( We have also struck a deal to sponsor a rally across Europe called The Extreme Sun Run and we expect to finalize more sponsorship deals by July 2005. We have also enlisted several of the UK's leading radar detector distributors who are selling Photoblocker alongside such names as Snooper and Road Angel. Our predicted sales over the next 12 months are expected to reach over 50,000 units.

Photoblocker is the fastest selling auto accessory in the UK and we appoint new dealers almost daily to achieve maximum sales potential. In return, we provide our dealers with a unique product at fair prices and the support they need to succeed. If we are successful our dealers will be successful. We don't just see ourselves as suppliers but as part of a very important team working closely with our authorized dealers.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff at Phantomplate for all of their support and encouragement.

Paul Walsh
Photoblocker UK
Tel: 07821 522230

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