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Opposition seeks Police Minister's resignation for speed cameras

The Victorian Opposition is calling for the resignation of Police Minister Andre Haermeyer over Victoria's faulty speed cameras.

Mr Haermeyer says speed cameras found to be faulty on the Western Ring Road will be properly maintained in the future and drivers wrongly booked will be compensated.

The Minister says more than 130,000 drivers will be refunded, have demerit points restored and cancelled licences re-issued.

Opposition leader Robert Doyle says the Government should have maintained and calibrated cameras, rather than try to dupe motorists.

"The Government sent out a sneaky and dishonest letter that, to be honest, would trick people into believing that they had to pay," he said.

"This whole speed camera fiasco has been a stuff up from start to finish and the responsible minister, Andre Haermeyer, deserves to go."